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Get The Best Black Out Shades Service From Contempo Home Interiors

At Contempo Home Interiors, we carry the best window black-out shades for every situation. These window treatments combine sheer curtains and opaque vanes to give you superior UV protection and light control. Contempo Home Interiors offers a wide selection of blackout shades. Blackout window shades are designed to block the light and are perfect for home theaters or any room you want to keep dark. Room Darkening and Room Diming shades are specifically designed to block all outdoor light from entering a room, making them an ideal choice for rooms where sun glare would be particularly intrusive, such as any room containing a device with a viewable screen.

  • Won’t Sag or Crack
  • Allow More Visibility Through the Window
  • Superior Light Control
  • Block UV Rays, Not Your View
  • Fully Customizable
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy Operation
  • Styles
  • Warrantied Against Fading, And Warping
  • Privacy
  • Light Control
  • Design Allows for Minimal Light Leakage

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Start To End, Professional Service

Whether you have an odd work schedule, a child that needs complete darkness in their room, or you want the ultimate movie theater experience in the middle of the day, we have a window treatment that will cover your needs. Let’s meet with you and determine what blackout option you are needing, and we can show you samples of those types and how they will control the light in your home. When it comes to light control, we’ve got you covered. Book a complimentary in-home design consultation and see why over 15,000 homeowners have turned to Contempo Home Interiors for superior value, outstanding customer service, and quick start-to-finish completion for custom blackout shades.