Contempo Home Interiors offers a wide selection of blackout shades. Blackout window shades are designed to block the light and are perfect for home theaters or any room you want to keep dark. Room Darkening and Room Diming shades are specifically designed to block all outdoor light from entering a room, making them an ideal choice for rooms where sun glare would be particularly intrusive, such as any room containing a device with a viewable screen.

These Blackout Shades are made available in both spring lift and cord loop designs. Due to their compact and simple designs, roller shades and Blackout Shades are ideally suited for modern or contemporary style rooms or for consumers who seek an understated style of window covering. They offer the added benefit of integrating seamlessly with windows that due to their shape cannot accommodate traditional drapes or shades.



What benefits are obtained?

  • Blackout Blinds Minimizes the passage of light and offers total privacy.
  • It greatly reduces the passage of harmful UV rays protecting furniture and furnishings.
  • Thanks to its minimalist and light design it is possible to combine with other curtains and adapt to different styles of decoration.
  • Blackout Blinds Give a touch of design and privacy to your environments.

If you need total darkness in your environment, blackout shades curtains are the ideal option for you. The blackout shades system blocks 100% sunlight, They are made of polyester with a thermal foam coating that prevents sunlight and keeps the rooms with a pleasant climate, cool in summer and warm in winter. They can be operated manually (with chain) or motorized (with a switch or remote control). You can also choose an automated system for operating the mechanisms, thanks to an intelligent light sensor.

The blackout shades are mostly used in bedrooms, children’s rooms, and livings rooms with television or home theater, since they block 99.9% of the passage of sunlight and 100% of UV rays, perfectly replacing the blinds and shutters of their windows. It is recommended to use blackout blinds in windows of commercial premises, artistic studios, offices, meeting and conference rooms, audiovisual projection spaces or slides, libraries, laboratories, classrooms, or health centers.